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5 Things Every Fashion Girl Just Knows by 25

Editor and creator of Lex Loves Couture, Alexa Alfonso, turns 25 today. At 25, you have not seen and heard it all quite yet, but as a fashion girl there are things you just know. Here are five things that every fashion girl knows by the time she is a quarter of a century.

Her Favorite Designer


If you really love fashion then you probably have known this for some time, but by the time a quarter of your life has passed you will definitely know. You know the answer as soon as someone asks the question without any hesitation.

Lex’s Fave: Alice + Olivia by Stacey Bendet

When it is appropriate occasion to wear certain shoes and bags


Single sole heels for the office, platform pumps for the club, and booties for brunch/Sunday Funday— by 25 you just know this is how it works. Satchel for work and envelope clutch for girl’s night out—you do this without thinking. There is a right time and place for every bag and shoe.

The perfect hairstyle for every outing

photo1 (1)

This varies from girl to girl, because each girl knows what suits her. It could be an up-do for weddings/formal occasions, down and straight for work/job interviews, and loose waves for nights out. Hairstyles change, but by 25 you know exactly what you can and cannot rock!

Her Favorite Shade of Lipstick


Trends change, but there is that one color that you know will remain classic and always be YOUR color. It looks amazing and it is your trademark.

Lex’s Fave: MAC Ruby Woo

How to Define Her Personal Style


You went through phases in high school and college wearing the trends of the moment, but now you just know who you are style wise. You might wear a different look everyday, but  you have a core “you-ness” (not a real word) that you embody.

Lex’s Style: Trendy and feminine. I like to stay up-to-date on the trends while still sticking to girly looks.

Are there things you would add to the list fashionistas?

xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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