Social Media and the Top Model Takeover

Photo: Kendall Jenner Instagram

Photo: Kendall Jenner Instagram

Instagram can single-handedly be thanked for the recent rise of the top model. Without paying a fancy public relations firm, models have learned the art of self-promotion and getting your name out there. All it takes is the latest iPhone and mastering the perfect selfie.

Photo: Cara Delevingne Instagram

Photo: Cara Delevingne Instagram

For example, the reason many young fashionistas even know that it is Cara Delevingne in that Burberry advertisement is because they follow her on Instagram. Through her many social shares, they also are introduced to many of her model friends such as Jourdann Dunn and Karlie Kloss.

Photo: Karlie Kloss Instagram

Photo: Karlie Kloss Instagram

When you follow these models you get first hand looks at lavish parties, backstage views at the hottest designers’ runway shows, and early previews of chic photo shoots. You see the world through a top model’s eyes. What could be more fun that?

Photo: Gigi Hadid Instagram

Photo: Gigi Hadid Instagram

By these models giving us a glimpse into their everyday lives, we have a vested interest in their careers. Once again, the top model is not a beautiful face that we cannot put a name to. They have fans. Their stock is raised. They could be on the cover of a magazine and people would actually want to buy it. The value of the top model has elevated all through a social media platform that everyone uses.

Photo: Joan Smalls Instagram

Photo: Joan Smalls Instagram

It is a new age for the fashion world and the top model. Social media has everything to do with that. You surprised at all?

Which top models do  you follow on Instagram?

xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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