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The Benefits of Growing Out Hair with Eye for Design Clip-In Extensions


In the summer of 2011, I decided that I wanted to get a pixie cut.  It was something that people always told me would look good on me, but I was always afraid to do. Rather than chopping it all off initially I decided to get a very short bob. By the end of the summer, I mustered the courage to do the big chop and went for a short pixie cut.


Much to the chagrin of my hair stylist, for nearly two years I kept coming back and getting variations of a pixie haircut. There would be moments I let it grow out a little while I considered possibly giving up the short ‘do, but in the end it was always back to the scissors.

Last summer, I came to this conclusion that it was time for a change and decided to start the process of growing my hair out. At the end of the summer, I was left with an awkward hair length and a VERY long way to go. Having been a girl who had been pretty opposed to extensions I was faced with a decision. My options were go the natural way, work through the awkward phase, and have medium length hair by maybe January/February or get a weave.

I did not want to deal with the potential damage and expense of a sewn-in, so I decided that my best bet would be clip-in extensions. Within about 10 minutes, I felt like a brand new person! The best part about clip-in extensions for a girl trying to grow her own hair out is that it takes the focus off watching her hair grow. You do not care because you already have long hair.


Lately, I have been wearing Eye for Design Hair clip-in extensions. My clip-ins are the Brazilian bodywave in 18 inches. Let’s just say that I am absolutely obsessed. They feel amazing and give me the extra body/length I am looking for. Eye for Design Hair blends seamlessly with my own hair giving me a natural look that every girl wearing extensions desires. I have no shame in wearing a weave, but I do not think it should be obvious. With Eye for Design hair, that is never a problem!


The best part about clip-in extensions is the versatility that you have with them. You can adjust them to wear your hair up or down. To give you guys an example, here are two hair styles that I was able to easily achieve using Eye for Design clip-in extensions with a few steps on how I did them.

Milkmaid Braids



What You Need:

Bobby Pins

How to Achieve:

  1. Braid hair into two pigtails (make sure braids hit right around your ears).
  2. Take the ends of each braid and pull them towards the front of your head.
  3. Tuck the ends of the braids under each other.
  4. Pin bobby pins around the entire braid to secure the hairstyle.

Soft Waves


 What You Need:

Hot Tools 1″ Flipperless Gold Curling Wand
Paddle Brush
Paddle Brush


How to Achieve:

  1. Divide hair into two sections and pull each section forward so that it is hitting in front of your shoulders.
  2. Starting from the back, wrap one inch sections around the curling wand. Be sure to hold the wand downward (black end of curling wand should be facing down).
  3. Repeat this process until you have curled both sides of your head.
  4. Allow about one minute for curls to set, then take your paddle brush and brush through the curls. Start with the side that you curled first. This will leave you with soft touchable waves.

I was able to achieve each of these hairstyles in under 20 minutes. They are quick, easy, and will not disrupt your morning routine!

Eye for Design Hair clip-in extensions have been so helpful while I have been growing my hair out. If you are a girl who trying to grow out a short haircut or simply in the mood for a change, these clip-ins are the ones for you!

xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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  1. I liked how you mentioned that clip-in extensions can help take the focus on growing your hair out. My wife is wanting to grow her hair out and she was wondering how she could make her hair look nice while it’s growing out. I’ll be sure to tell her that she should use clip-in extensions.

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