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5 Fall Beauty Trends to Try Right Now

Summer is fun, but no one can deny that fall is THE best season. Once you get past all the amazingly fun fall activities that are out there, you also have have so many fashion and beauty trends to try. When it comes to beauty there is the obvious shift to darker colors, but with every fall season there are also a ton of new beauty trends to give a whirl. Here 5 beauty trends you should try today.

Bold Lids

Bold Lids

Add a little drama to your beauty look by adding a splash of bold color. Deep blues, warm oranges, and rich purples are great to play with in the fall season.

MAC Freshwater | $16.00

Nude Lips

Nude Lip

Dramatic lips color is always fun, but sometimes the occasion calls for a more subtle lip. A nude lip is perfect for the office and should be your go to when you are playing up your eyes just to keep everything in balance.

Urban Decay Liar | $22.00
Urban Decay Liar | $22.00

Luxe Lashes

Luxe Lashes

An extreme lash is not appropriate for every situation, but a special occasion, girls night out, or a fabulous party can all definitely be deemed appropriate. Even with minimal eye makeup, a faux lash can make a great statement.

Andrea Modlash Strip Lash | $3.99
Andrea Modlash Strip Lash | $3.99

Mod Liner

Mod Liner

The cat-eye is not losing any momentum. So, if you have not learning how to achieve the perfect cat-eye, watch this totally simple tutorial below.

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner | $5.79

Au Natural

Au Natural

Ironically the most daring beauty look on this list is simply wearing nothing at all. Top three reasons to give this look a try are that you beautiful just the way you are, you give your skin a break pore-clogging makeup, and it costs the great price of nothing at all! Would you dare to go bare?

Which of these beauty looks are you dying to try?!

xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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