5 Reasons to Love Rihanna’s Return to Instagram

Photo: Rihanna Instagram
Photo: Rihanna Instagram

Well,  after 26 weeks—according to Insta time— Rihanna (@badgalriri) has made a return to Instagram. While most celebrities are doing duck face selfies, pushing their latest entrepreneurial endeavor, and posting generic pictures of their outings, Rihanna has a way of setting herself apart. It could be her comical memes, the way she can make fun of herself (and others when the occasion calls for it), or simply the fact that her life is fabulous. Whatever the case may be we all rejoiced when we saw that first post since May from Instagram’s resident bad gal.

Here are 5 reason why Rihanna’s return to the gram is the best thing to happen all weekend:

She makes us want to be her best friend


Everyone needs their best friends right? Rihanna has a group of girlfriends that are always with her on her daily adventures. Whether it is a big award show, a shopping spree, or a trip to Brazil, Rih always at has least one her girls by her side. Many celebrities like to show off their glam lives, but Rihanna and her gal pals look like they are just having a good time. Each post makes us say to ourselves, ‘I’m really fun too Rih! Can I be your friend?!’

She makes us want to be part of her family


Rihanna may be light years away from her early days as a girl in Barbados, but it is abundantly clear that she has not forgotten her beginnings and the people that supported her in her pursuit of success. In a very genuine way, she is always sharing her love and admiration for her entire family.

 She makes us want to be invited to her next exotic vacation


‘Where in the world is Rihanna?’ is the phrase that should come to mind. While we were all freezing through one of the coldest winters to date, Rihanna constantly had a tropical backdrop for her Instagram posts. It’s going to be getting cold soon Rih, take us with you!

She makes us want to be styled by her glam team

f85d3a92a3c711e39a601240b0ffa245_8If you say that Rihanna does not slay on every occasion you are clearly blind. In addition to her personal sense of style, Rihanna is blessed to have a styling and beauty team to really make her shine. It is safe to say that Rihanna would not be the fashion and beauty trendsetter she is without their help.

She makes us want to be involved in her all access fashion adventures


Whether it is a photo shoot with Vogue or getting up close and personal with the creative director of Balmain backstage during Paris Fashion Week there is no denying that Rihanna is a fashion princess. She is kind enough to give us a glimpse into her fashion oriented life.  We can only wait with anticipation to see what she has up her sleeve next.

Welcome back to Instagram Riri!

xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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