Gotta Have It: Fall Pastels

Pastel Pink Coat

Gone are the days where pastels are reserved solely for the spring/summer. This season, pastels are the must have palette with baby blue and blush pink leading the pack. Wearing “spring” colors can be tricky in the fall/winter. As with most trends, it is all about finding that perfect balance.

How to Wear the Trend:

Pastel Blue Coat

  1. Do not go pastel crazy: Stick to one pastel item at a time.
  2. Pair it with true fall/winter items and colors: The difference between wearing pastels now and wearing them in the spring is all in the pairing. Pair pastels with chunky knits, boots, leather, and neutral colors like grey.
  3. Stay away from items that are “springy”: The trend is not meant to be a continuation of spring/summer it is meant to be a fresh take on fall. That must be kept in mind.

Want to get your fall pastel fix now? Here is great pastel item to be added to your wardrobe right away!

Asos | $161.08
Asos | $161.08

 Will you be trying the pastel trend?

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