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3 Ways to Winterize Your Wardrobe


Winter technically starts in about a month, but that does not mean that the cold weather is going to wait until the official start date. Today is a crisp 30 degrees in New York. Le sigh.

While the cold weather is quite terrible, there are some fashion aspects about winter to look forward to. Here are three ways kick off your winter wardrobe.

Work the Fur In

Shaggy Fur

Whether it is a fur vest, a cropped jacket, or the just the right amount with a fur trim, now is the time to start bringing out the fur.

HM | $69.95
HM | $69.95

Trend to try: Shaggy fur jacket

Get Booted

Over the knee boots

You probably started wearing your boots already, but now is the time to really embrace the trend. Not only will they keep you warm, but you will look super cute and stylish at the same time.

Dolve Vita | $199.95
Dolve Vita | $199.95

Trend to try: Over-the-knee boots

Throw in Winter Accessories


From infinity scarves to floppy beanies, there are so many fun accessories to choose from. You might hate the cold,  but you do not really mind those winter pieces (at first).

Jocelyn | $33.00
Jocelyn | $33.00

Trend to try:  Feather Earmuffs

How will you be winterizing you wardrobe?

xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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