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Winter Layering with Blanket Ponchos

Burberry Poncho

If you are anything like me then you are probably not the biggest fan of wearing a down jacket. I personally equate it to looking like a marshmallow. Never have I been one of those girls that likes choosing comfort of over style. So, a down jacket is really only worn on the days when not wearing one would be borderline idiotic (i.e. snowing or below freezing temps). This can make things a little more complicated in regards to staying warm.


Thoughtful layering is key. The layering piece that must be incorporated into your outerwear this season is a blanket poncho. It is the best way to weasel your way out of a heavy coat. Layer it over a leather jacket or wool coat and not only will you look ridiculously chic, you will also be super warm.

Belted Poncho

There are so many ways that a blanket poncho can be styled. It could be draped causally over your shoulders, wrapped around your neck for an air of sophistication, or belted for a more tailor looked. You will look fabulous any way you choose to wear it.

Urban Outfitters | $44.00
Zara | $59.90
Zara | $59.90
Forever 21 | $27.80

Leather Jacket_Poncho

Will you be layering with a blanket poncho this season?

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