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How to Wear Winter White Appropriately

Winter White_ Header

White after Labor Day was once considered a major fashion faux pas, but now it is the trend you have got to try. There are many ways to wear it so that it is seasonally appropriate. You must take the pairing into consideration.

If you pair white with summery items such as tanks, tees, and open toe heels it will make you look out of season. Though if you pair white with cold weather items, you will have a refreshing winter appropriate look. The most simple way to wear winter white is to pair it with at least one item you would not wear at the height of summer. It could be a color or material (or both).


Untitled #2
Pair white jeans with neutrals tones such brown, tan, or grey for the perfect casual glam look.


Get Monochrome
Do a monochrome look for your next event or girls night out. A white blazer will set off the black and silver.


All White Delight
It is perfectly okay to wear white head to toe, but be sure to pair it with a long sleeve top or sweater.


Will you be trying winter white this season?

xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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