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What to Wear to a Holiday Party

HolidayHeaderWith December officially here, that means that holiday party season is in full swing. A holiday party at your friend’s apartment and a holiday party for work are two completely different animals. In the same way, a holiday party with your family is very different from a holiday party with your boyfriend’s family. So, let’s delve into that and explore the different looks each occasion calls for!


Holiday Party—Friend

If your friend is having a holiday party feel free to let loose! These lace up over-the-knee boots are sure to be a head turner when combined with vibrant red lips and a fun sequin clutch!


Holiday Party— Family

With family you want to be conservative, but there is no reason why you cannot express your personal style at the same time. This showstopping jumpsuit will look great in all of the pictures you will  be taking.



Holiday Party— Boyfriend

If your boyfriend decides to invite you a family holiday party you must be sure to put your best foot forward. Dress femininely and conservatively. If your relationship is in the early stages, this may be the first time you are meeting some of the extended family. You do not want to be the girl that showed up in a tight mini skirt that no one can stop talking about.


Holiday Party— Work

A skater dress is the perfect dress for a work party. It is both work and party appropriate and easily transitions from day to night. The cat clutch is a wonderful way to show off your adorable and quirky personality that people may not have noticed when you’re in the office!

 Enjoy the holiday festivities fashionistas!

xoxo Lex Loves Couture


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