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Get Matte Nails in 2 Steps

Are you loving the matte nails trend as much as me? It is actually quite easy to achieve with right polish. There are polishes that offer the color and matte finish all-in-one or you can opt for a matte top coat. The latter is more preferable for me because it allows me to give any of the colors I already own a matte finish. This way, you are not limited to one color because if you are anything like me this will just lead to you buying multiple colors.

Matte Nails

The matte top coat that I have been obsessing over is Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat. It is affordable—priced at under $6, dries very quickly, and gives an amazing matte finish to almost every color I have tried (some colors are not suited to be matte). So if you looking to try matte nails. I would strongly recommend looking no further than this top coat.

Will you be exploring the matte nails trend?

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