Jay Z and Beyonce Meet Will And Kate


William and Kate arrived in New York on Sunday and have been getting the grand tour of our great metropolis. They met New York City Mayor Bill DiBlasio, President Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton.  So, it was only fitting that Great Britain’s royalty meet American royalty Jay Z and Beyonce.


Queen Bey and Hov just got up and strutted over to the royals like they owned the place. Well actually, Jay Z sort of did own the place. They met Will and Kate at the Nets-Cavaliers game that took place at the Barclays Center (which Jay Z was a partial owner of until Sept 2013 when he sold his stakes for the arena and the Brooklyn Nets).

My first obvious thought was what are they talking about?! They seem to be so enthralled in their conversation. Seriously?! I imagine it being something along the lines of Prince Will saying, “Hello Hov, riveting game eh mate?” to which Jay Z replies, “Uh huh yeah”. On the other end, Princess Kate is saying, “Oh Beyonce, what a smashing ensemble you have on!” and then Beyonce gives a knowing smile and says, “I woke up like dis…flawless!”. And yes, in my imagination Will and Kate are doing all the talking because Jay and Bey do not need to make small talk with commoners.


Jay Z and Beyonce really do run things, don’t they? You really can just add this royal encounter to the list. They already are besties with the first family, are on top of the music industry, have more money than they and their daughter Blue Ivy could spend in a lifetime (and counting),  so it would only make sense to add some royal acquaintances to this list. You guys can still adopt me, ya know!

What are you thoughts are Jay Z and Beyonce’s new royal BFF’s?

xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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