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How to Transition From Your Commute to the Office Stylishly


To say that this past week has been cold would be the understatement of the century. One day when I was walking home from the train my knees went numb. My knees! I understand my hands, my toes, or my ears, but my knees. That is literally the most random body part to lose feeling. With that being said, once it hits a certain temperature  it is time to forget about looking cute and focus on not losing a toe via frostbite.

Puffer Jacket

Even though you might be channeling a marshmallow while you are outside that does not mean that you should be looking the same way once you are in the office. If you are working in an office, there is good chance your office probably has heat. This means you can shed those layers once you have thawed and regained feeling in your extremities.

On a very cold day, it important to layer smartly. For example, if you decide to wear a dress then make sure to wear a sweater over it. In lieu of wearing those cute heels outside wear a pair of tall boots and change into the heels when you office. The key thing to remember is that when you are outside it is so cold everyone is focused on getting to their destination and not what you are wearing. The same cannot be said once you are the office.

Commuting Outfit

A puffer jacket is essential on cold days. Wear it with a cozy infinity scarf, over the knees boots, fur earmuffs, and texting gloves to stay completely toasty. Be sure to also wear a sweater to ensure extra warmth!

Office Style
Once you get into the office, get rid of those frumpy layers reveal that adorable outfit that you planned.  Change those boots and put on a pair of cute stilettos. The transition is seamless when done correctly!

How do you transition from your commute to the office?

xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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