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10 Signs That You’re A Beauty Junkie

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I live and breathe for fashion, but admittedly my secret shame is an addiction to beauty products. I get a rush from walking into Sephora or opening the wrapper of my new drug store buy. Silly things like face wash give me a thrill and I have more makeup than any girl could possibly need. I will admit that this is a problem for my bank account, but you know what they say— the first step is admitting you have a problem. So hear me now readers, “My name is Alexa and I am a beauty junkie!”

I have a feeling I may not be alone in this department. Maybe you’re just like me or maybe you are worse (good place to insert the monkey covering his mouth emoji). Not sure? Well here a few signs you may need to be joining me at Beauty Anonymous.

You never completely finish most of your beauty products.

A beauty junkie loves the thrill of having to go to the store and buy something new. So, whether you are feeling fearful about being left down to last drop or you just want an excuse to get something new, you will never be the girl who is squeezing the shampoo bottle or scraping the tube of your mascara.

You never go to the store and buy just one thing.

You go to the store to buy face wash, but somehow you also buy a new toner, lip stick, and hairspray. Face wash was the only thing you really needed, but to take the time to think about that would probably kill the excitement of all the new pretty things you get to play with.

You have never stuck to the same brand for a full year for at least one of your staples.

Whether it is mascara, eye liner, or face moisturizer you are always looking for the next best thing. You think that you can find a mascara that will make you lashes appear fuller or a face moisturizer would make you face softer. You have certain products you stick to, but there are certain staples that you are always on the hunt for newer and shinier option. Within a year you are on to the next thing.


You never feel like you have perfected your look.

There are some women that find a beauty routine that works for them and they stick with it. A beauty junkie is always to trying to improve upon the system. This product could give you a better glow, while this one makes your hair shinier. It is always broke, so you always need to fix it.

You have a least 2 nail polishes that are basically the same color.

You go to the store and spot a dark rich purple. You think to yourself that this is different from anything that you have. Then you get home and realize that you actually do already have that purple or least something extremely similar. Whoops!

You own more than 3 hot styling tools.

The typical girl owns a blow dryer, flat iron, and a curling iron. That is a well rounded styling tool collection and honestly all you really need. Personally, I own 7 hot styling tools. Before you say anything, YES I need them all. They each serve a very specific purpose. That is my story and I am sticking to it.


You have an obscene amount of makeup brushes.

You have a makeup brush for literally every part of your face. When it comes to my eyes, I have a brush for my lids,  one for my inner crease, and another for my outer crease. For my cheeks I use three separate brushes. I have a brush for foundation and another for concealer. That’s 8 so far. I could go on, but I am sure you have gotten the picture.

You don’t know where you would be without YouTube tutorials.

This is where you learn how to do EVERYTHING. It could be how to do you your own ombre, how to get the perfect smokey eye, or an up-do tutorial. You pride yourself on basically being “self-taught” in most beauty areas.


You are your friends’ go to for beauty tips (makeup, hair, or skincare).

You are the first person your friends text when they have a beauty question. It could be which foundation to use or should they dye their hair blonde. You are able to give a concise answer with the pros and cons within minutes with little to no research. Obviously you already know the answer to the question before if it was even asked.

You make ridiculous justifications for why you need a new beauty product.

I need a blush for the winter or foundation for the summer are two examples of an excuse a beauty junkie may use. While it is true that you do need to make some alterations to your beauty routine during difference seasons, it does not require a huge haul. It is just a small change here and there.


 So, are YOU a beauty junkie?

xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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