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While the weekend is a great time to get up and tackle the many things that you cannot get to during the week (i.e. cleaning, errands, etc). It is also a great time to lounge and relax. Especially with the unpleasant weather that supposedly is heading our way.

Personally I am completely pro lounging. Mindless Netflix binges with Friends and Gossip Girl are a perfect way to spend a Saturday or Sunday. It is nice to have not a care in the world except when your seamless order is arriving.

Since the only person who is seeing you is you, your roommate, and/or maybe your significant other it is easy to just throw on your college sweatshirt and some baggy sweatpants. We all do it (myself included). This is perfectly acceptable,  but why not lounge in style?

Loungin' in Style: Nightie

This nightie will be light and airy. Perfect for a day spent doing nothing. The socks and UGG slippers will keep you so warm and toasty on the cold winter days ahead this weekend!


Loungin' In Style: Onesie

I definitely make a strong argument when I say that you have no heart if you can resist a striped onesie and panda slippers! I mean can you get any more cute and comfortable?! I think not.


Loungin' in Style: Pajama Shorts

Who doesn’t love Hello Kitty pajamas? Throw on a cardigan and fuzzy slipper boots to get extra cozy.

Will you be loungin’ in style this weekend?

xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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