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4 Snow Day Essentials Every Fashion Girl Needs


One of the worst snow storms in history is predicted to hit the northeast tonight into tomorrow afternoon. Are you prepared? No, I do not mean flashlights, candles, and canned food. Calm down, worrying causing wrinkles. I mean are you prepared to be snowed in the your house or apartment all day? That is a lot of time to kill. Before you wait for the inevitable snow in, be sure to be prepped with these essentials.



Well obviously, wine is just a must. A day with wine is just so much more fun.  Let’s not even pretend any fashion girl needs an excuse to drink mid-day. Don’t you agree?



Forget the gym, forget your new year’s resolution, and forget you diet. Snacking on a snow day is a freebie. It doesn’t count. Be sure to load up on some tasty munchies to go along with the next essential.

TV & Movies On Demand

TV Binge

Whether it is Netflix, Hulu, or Vudu make sure you have an on-demand platform to feed into your television/movie binge. Everyone loves a good old fashioned marathon of that show you haven’t watch since high school. A snow day is the perfect time to get away with it sans judgement.

Cute & Comfy Lounge Wear

Comfy Miley Cyrus


Get comfy! It’s not like you are going anywhere any time soon. I strongly recommend a onesie…because well they’re awesome.

xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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