Pretty Wednesday: 2 Steps for the Perfect Cat Eye

Photo: We Heart It
Photo: We Heart It

I have had a long time obsession with gel eyeliner. That obsession has not wavered, but I always wanted my liner to be just a bit darker. Also, I wanted my cat eye to be a just a little more dramatic. I thought I had sworn off liquid eyeliner for good, but it turns out that it is actually just the thing I needed to achieve both.

First, I put on my gel liner as usual. Then as a final step, I trace over the gel liner with a liquid liner. You may be thinking to yourself, isn’t that a bit of overkill? Or, why not just switch back to liquid liner? The answer to those questions is that you need both to achieve this effect. Gel creates a neat smooth line and the liquid does the defining and darkening.

Perfect Cat Eye


Try it fashionistas. I guarantee you will see a difference!

xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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