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6 Things Fashion Girls Get Excited About When Spring is Almost Here

Fashion Girls_Spring

We made it! The past month was the coldest February in 81 years. Also known as the longest 28 days of my entire life. Thank god it was not a leap year! While we still technically have 18 days til spring, I think it is okay to start the count down. As soon as March hits, warmer weather is officially on the horizon and we have things to look forward to.

No More Tights


Of all things, this is what girls look forward to the most. There is just a certain point where you are just so over black tights. If you are like me, that came about two weeks ago. As soon as the temperature hits 60 degrees those tights are a distant memory. Let the countdown begin!


Bright Colors_Spring

Bright Colors

Whether it is your coat, your nails, or your sweater the start of spring always means bright colors. The  best part about this is that it does not matter what the weather is. You can start working brights in your looks literally right now.


Happy Prints_Spring

Happy Prints

There is no ban on happy prints in the winter, but you have to admit there is a significant increase in print joy during the spring. From polka dots to floral print, springtime is the time when you have free reign to go print crazy.


Lighter Outerwear

Lighter Outerwear

Those puffy down jackets are just awful. Yes, they are necessary and yes they are obnoxiously warm, but they are god awful. There is never a high point. They are hideous from the minute you start wearing them on the first really cold day to the last day of the season that you are forced to wear them. It is a necessary evil I know, but I cannot wait until I do not need to wear one anymore.


More Shoe Options

More Shoe Options

The winter can be very limiting when it comes to the shoes you wear. You are basically left with boots and/or booties. With the warm spring weather comes significantly more options. You could wear pumps one day, sandals the next, and a cute pair of flats the day after that. Options feel amazing, don’t they?

Whole New Wardrobe
A Whole New Wardrobe

At the end of any season, your wardrobe can feel a little stale (especially the winter). Then a new season hits and you have all these new (well technically old) things to wear. It’s been close to a year since you have worn them and you are looking at things with fresh eyes. You really do not even need to shop for the first leg of spring!

18 days, fashionistas, 18 days…

xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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