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How to Start Transitioning Into Spring


Let’s all take a moment and celebrate. Finally, we are past the bitter cold single digit snowy days. It is not quite spring yet, but it is now officially okay to start wearing some spring like clothing. Before you start breaking out the sundresses, pump the brakes a bit. There is a way of gradually shifting your wardrobe from winter to spring that is effortless and will not lead to you freezing your buns off. We can’t get overzealous fashionistas!

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Break out the brights/pastels

Whether it is a coat, a sweater, or your nail polish, now is the time to start sprinkling in color. In the winter, we tend to lean towards neutral tones and/or dark colors. Swapping that grey sweater out for a lavender or bright yellow sweater makes a world of difference. Switching out your deep purple nail polish for a happy pink will make you really feel like it is springtime.

Liven up your prints

Go for bold bright prints that may have been deemed inappropriate during the winter. As mentioned previously, the winter is more about neutrals. It is the spring that brings out the cheerful florals and exciting geometric prints.

Ditch the tights with over-the-knee socks and tall boots

Tights are completely acceptable until April, but if you are anything like me you are over them completely. On the days where weather permits (for me it is the mid 50’s), you could swap out the tights with a pair of over-the-knee socks or tall boots. It will not be quite as warm as tights, but will prevent you from having your entire leg exposed.

Do not drop all of your winter pieces from the lineup

Okay yes, it has warmed up a bit, but that does not mean you can go into a full spring mode. It is still just a wee bit chilly. Keep some of your winter items on deck. You can drop the puffy coat most likely until next winter, but you should probably hold off on putting your scarf, hat, and/or gloves in storage. Boots and booties are also great to transition. They keep you warmer than a pair of flats or open toed shoes, but will still blend seamlessly with your spring items.

Layer, Layer, Layer

The best way to leave those heavy coats behind is by layering. If you have on a leather jacket, try wearing a cardigan underneath with a wool scarf. If you are bold enough to wear a light trench, maybe try wearing a button up with a sweater over it and a pashmina scarf. This way you will look springy and stay warm.

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Happy almost spring fashionistas!

All Photos by: Max Sahn

xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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