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Four Year Old Mia is a Future Beauty Blogger

We all played with our mother’s makeup when we were little. One of my strongest memories is during a ballet recital when my mother left my sister and I backstage with a tube of red lipstick. By the time we hit the stage, half of that tube of lipstick was gone and we probably looked a little like a pair of Southern beauty queens.

In this video, Mia is adorably explaining to her mother why and how she used her makeup. She applied blush all over her face, put mascara on her eyebrows (eyelashes?…maybe both?), but I have to say that her lipgloss is completely on point.

When asked why she used her mother’s makeup her answer was simple, “Because I wanted to.” Mia also added that she did not have “as many makeup” as her mother does. I see a future beauty maven in the making.

Take a look at Mia’s adorable above!

xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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