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The Perks of Being a Bag Lady

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I am a self-proclaimed bag lady. Last year, I acquired three bags (gifts/purchases). The year before I bought five (there was a Marc Jacobs sample sale involved…whoops). My room is littered with bags hanging on my closet door, my garment rack, and slung across my bed. When I got a Milly red cross-body bag from my parents for Christmas, my boyfriend said, “You have a problem. I think you need to start donating a bag every time you get a new one”. LOL sorry, but um no.


Before you think I am maxing out credit cards or using my rent money to feed my bag addiction, I can assure that is not the case. Everyone has their vices. We all have that one thing that we want to buy when we come into some extra money. For me, it is beauty products and of course bags.

Whenever I purchase a bag it is always a steal though. I never buy designer at full price. I also might add that not all of my bags are designer. Last summer, I was completely obsessed with a white cross-body that I purchased from Rainbow for $12.99.

While I admittedly love bags, there is a method to my madness. I used to be a girl with a bag for work (or school when it was applicable), a casual one for the weekend, and one clutch for going out. It is definitely enough and sufficient, but when I started to expand on my collection I noticed two major perks.


Wear & Tear

When you use a bag too often, you cut down on its life span tremendously. If you give the bag even play with your other bags it will maintain its shape and structure for much longer. This rings especially true with bags that are not real leather. A prime example is that I have had that yellow bag pictured above for over 4 years and it is vegan leather (and in perfect condition).


You can change your bag to fit your mood/outfit. Sometimes you may be in the mood for a structured satchel that looks refined and classic. There may be other days you want a more boho chic cross-body that is care free and easier to carry. Some days a brown bag will match and other days a black bag will look better. If you have options you can always changes things up!

Note: This is not encourage consumerism and/or being materialistic, but is just to say if you have a bag lady in your life or you are one yourself it is totally okay! ☺

Header Photo by: Max Sahn

Are you a bag lady?

xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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