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A CC Cream Perfect for Women of Color

Ambi CC+ Cream

Wearing foundation on a daily basis can be a bit damaging for skin after a while. Even if you are taking the proper precautions in regards to makeup removal. On days where you do not need as much coverage, why not give your skin a break?

That is where CC cream comes into play.  It is a lightly tinted cream that gives low to medium coverage. CC cream evens out your tone while generously moisturizing your skin.

As a woman of color, it is hard to find products that blend well with my complexion. I am sure I am not the only one who has experienced “the flash effect”. You know what I mean. When you do your makeup and feel as flawless as Beyonce and then a picture is snapped. Your head is completely different color from the rest of your body due to the flash. Le sigh.

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AMBI® EVEN & CLEAR CC+ Cream Even Tone Environmental Shield* is absolute perfection. I use the Light/Medium color and it blends seamlessly with my complexion. It is designed to even tone instantly with soft focus technology. AMBI® CC+ Cream shields your skin against the harsh environmental elements that cause uneven skin tone, dry out the skin, and accelerate fine lines and wrinkles.

My favorite part about the AMBI®CC+ Cream is the fact that it has 30 SPF. It may not feel like it, but our skin is just as susceptible to UV damage as other ethnicities. The sunscreen in the CC cream is great for everyday use, but will be especially important on days where you expect a lot of sun exposure ( i.e. beach day).  It will definitely be the first thing I pack when I go on vacation in May!

Lex’s Tips for AMBI®CC+ Cream Use:

  1. Start with a hydrating  oil (i.e. coconut or jojoba)
  2. Skip your moisturizer: Ambi CC+ Cream is so rich you will not need it.
  3. Use concealer to cover any obvious blemishes: The coverage is pretty good, but will not cover blemishes such as acne scars or dark circles.

AMBI® EVEN & CLEAR CC+ Cream Even Tone Environmental Shield is available in two shades (Light/Medium or Medium/Dark) and can be purchased national mass, drug, and beauty supply retail stores for $8.99.

*All products used for this post are courtesy of AMBI®

xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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  1. If you wear L’oreal or Revlon or MAC or Estee Lauder or MUFE what are your matches?
    I THINK the light/medium in this AMBI CC Cream might be a better fit for me but I dunno.

  2. Cool cool….I’m NW43 with a little NC45 (i’m sorta neutral undertone but can lean slightly red/pink in a lot of my face too so sometimes NW43 alone is a tiny bit too red hence needing a bit of NC45).
    🙂 thanks so much ….. Light/Medium for me it is then.

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