The Kardashians Church Attire is Very Different from Yours


Okay so I am not the religious type. I would be embarrassed to tell you the last time I actually attended church. Let’s just say, it was not in this calendar year and maybe not even in the last. That being said, when I do go with my family, I try to keep things appropriate. Generally my treasured crop tops and bodycon dresses stay in the closet.

When I saw the Kardashians headed into church to praise the Lord, I literally laughed out loud. Like literally. Kendall is in a crop top, Khloe is in a skin tight cleavage baring dress, and Kylie is super casual in a cropped sweater and jeans—it is all simply hilarious.

The cherry on top is of course that the entire family, with the exception of Kourtney and her brood, is adorned in all white ensembles. Insert laughing emoji here. Like come on! Did you all come to this decision in a group text or family meeting? Leave it to this family to make such a loud statement in honor of Easter.

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - April 05, 2015

I admittedly love the Kardashians, but sometimes with them all you can do is laugh. I’ll give them credit though. I am certain they were the chicest family on Easter Sunday.

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