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Jennifer Lopez Lipgloss

So matte lips are of course the latest obsession, but we all know the effects matte lipstick (or lipstick in general for that matter) has on our lips. Drying/cracking being the worst of it. It is not pretty. Sometimes, your lips need a break from matte. Lip gloss is the tried and true alternative.

Matte lips make a bold statement, but for everyday wear lip gloss may be the best choice. It adds the color you want without drying out your lips. Lip gloss can also be worn over your matte lipsticks to tone down the look while also avoiding the drying effect.

Milani Fierce Foil Collection
Milani Fierce Foil Collection

Milani’s limited edition Fierce Foil collection has six beautiful shades to chose from. My personal favorite being Rome—a sheer pinkish nude that looks great on and is even better when paired with lipstick or lip liner. The multidimensional shine is gorgeous. It glides on easily and does not have that sticky feeling some lip glosses have. The best part is without a doubt the delicious smell they all have.

The Fierce Foil collection can be purchased for a limited time at CVS stores for $4.99!

*All products used for this post are courtesy of Milani

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