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A Look at History Shows That You Cannot Really Define Beauty

Photo: Buzzfeed Video

In a super interesting video created by Buzzfeed, we get an extended glimpse into the history of beauty going as far back as ancient Egypt. From unibrows being all the rage in ancient Greece to no brows at all in the Elizabethan age. Can we really define what “beautiful” is?

Photo: Buzzfeed
Photo: Buzzfeed Video

In an age where girls contour their faces to give the appearance of higher cheek bones and a slimmer face, how will we be viewed when beauty lovers take a look back at history? Obviously a pale face, super rosy cheeks, and powdered wig seems odd, but can’t the same be said about applying 3 different shades of foundation just to blend it out for the appearance of perfection?  I love contour just as much as the next girl, but it only further proves that beauty standards have and will always be in the now and are always subject to change.

Check out how women’s makeup has changed throughout history in the video below!

Do YOU think beauty can be defined?

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