‘Kylie Jenner Challenge’: The Latest in Idiotic Teen Crazes


The ‘Kylie Jenner Challenge’ is not the worst challenge teens have come up with, but the results are definitely the most disturbing. We all know everyone is obsessed with Kylie Jenner’s full pout. The speculation over whether or not they are surgically enhanced is never ending. Well, teenagers apparently want to look just like Ms. Jenner. Thus, the #kyliejennerchallenge was born.


These future scholars of America place a shot glass (or empty bottle, etc) over their mouths for an extended period of time until their lips swell. The airlock created by the glass increases blood flow which cause the lips to get swollen. I don’t which genius came up with this, but all I can do is give them a slow clap and an eye roll.


The “good” results are ridiculously full lips that actually put Kylie to shame (not in a good way) and the bad results involve cut/bleeding mouths (if glass breaks) and/or a bruised lip area. A good chunk of them look like they got punched square in the mouth, but there are quite a few that were seriously injured and in need of stitches. Here is the best part,  a dermatological surgeon said that DIY lip plumping could lead to permanent disfigurement. Bravo teens, you have officially one upped your predecessors and are now the dumbest generation.

Leave it to teenagers to do something all in the name of a challenge. I am grateful to have not been that age during the the Vine, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube age. While I can proudly say that I stayed away from most peer pressure, I cannot say I would have escaped all of these ridiculous challenges people come up.

What do YOU think about the Kylie Jenner Challenge?

xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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  1. Awesome post – it made my day! Slow clap and eye roll all the way! I’m thankful that iPhones/social media weren’t around when I was growing up either!

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