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After Work Happy Hour Survival Kit

Happy Hour
Photo: The Date Report

So, you have after work happy hour plans with your girls. There is no time to get home. Obviously, you do not want to miss those awesome $4 martini specials. This means your quick refresher will have to take place at the office. There are a few essential that you need to have in your arsenal to prep you for happy hour.


What You Need:

  • Travel Toothbrush/Deodorant/Perfume: No explanation needed
  • Hairbrush: Same as above, we all get flyaways throughout the day. I don’t care how perfect your hair is!
  • Makeup Bag: The contents will be different for each girl. We all have those things that wear off during the day. For some girls it is just lip gloss, while others like to reapply entirely.
  • Heels: I like to have a pair (or five) of heels at the office just in case I am doing something after work. Heels can be a necessity depending on where you’re going

What’s in YOUR happy hour survival kit?

xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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