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2015 Swimwear Guide


Bikini season is officially upon us. Whether it is a trip to the Hamptons, the Jersey Shore, a tropical getaway, or maybe just the pool in your backyard there is a slim chance that you will not be in a swimsuit this summer. So, what are the trends that are leading the pack in swimwear? Lex Loves Couture has the complete rundown.


Lulu’s | $44.00
I like to call this one “hello weird a** tan lines” because it is inevitable with this type of swimsuit. Tan lines aside, cutouts are one of the leading trends and a must have for your next beach day.

High Waist Bottom

Forever 21 | $14.90
Forever 21 | $14.90
Retro-inspired and flattering for almost every body type. You cannot go wrong with a high waist bottom.


Asos | $40.00
Asos | $40.00
The true purpose of a monokini is unclear, but one thing that cannot be denied  is that you will look pretty darn sexy in one!

90’s One Piece

Forever 21 | 12.90
Forever 21 | 12.90
Baywatch called they want their swimsuit back! I never thought I would see the day one-pieces made a comeback, but the trend is back with a vengeance.

High Neck Halter

Charlotte Russe | $12.00
This is perfect for the sporty girls who like to do something other than read gossip magazines and tan on the beach. You do not need to be sporty to wear it, but active girls will just reap more of the benefits.


H&M | $14.95
H&M | $14.95
Dainty, pretty, looks great in pictures…what more can you ask for?

Mesh Inserts

Asos | $36.00
Asos | $36.00
This trend is a way to show a lot of skin without showing a lot of skin. It is a great alternative to the cutout option (no weird a** tan lines ::insert thumbs up emoji here::)


Forever 21 | $15.90
Forever 21 | $15.90
The bralette is also a great option for said sporty girl. It gives the same exposure as a regular bikini, but things are more secure if you catch my drift.

Classic Triangle Top

HM | $17.95
HM | $17.95
It’s been on a bit of a hiatus, but with the 70’s being such a hot trend the triangle bikini top is making a major return!

Which swim trend is YOUR favorite?

xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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