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How to Wear Summer Neutrals

Summer Neutrals
In the winter when you think of neutrals the colors that come to mind are greys, browns, olives, and deep tans. During the summer, things lighten up a bit. Think white, cream, light tans, and medium browns.

The best thing about summer neutrals is that almost any combination looks great. No matter what you will look effortlessly chic. The carefree minimalist look is a sure fire hit.

Here are a few ways to wear summer neutrals!


A cute dress can be an easy way to pull off a neutral look.  Pair with lace up sandals, round sunnies, and a wool fedora for a SoCal look!


How can you go wrong with a romper and gladiator sandals? Add a brown lippie to take the look over the edge.


  High waist shorts and a crop top is always a winning summer combo!

How do YOU wear summer neutrals?

xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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