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The Dangers of Shopping Cheap

You walk into Forever 21 and see a table of beautifully displayed camisoles in every color for only $3.80 each. You grab three telling yourself that you really could never  have too many. Then, you spot a dress that would be great for that office party you have next week. Only $24.80! Look at the detailing, it’s basically a steal! Oh look! A floral romper that is perfect for brunch with the girls this weekend. It’s only $13.80?! Definitely taking that! You take a look at the jewelry and grab a statement necklace for $9.80 and a pair of earrings for $5.80.

The register is right there so you may as well check out. Why did you come here again? Oh well, you can come back again when it comes to you. “That’ll be $65.80. Do you know our return policy?”, the cashier says with a smile.

I am all about affordable shopping and will continue to shop at Forever 21 even though the I am nearly five years past the aforementioned age. It is all good in moderation. You can easily rack up a $100 tab at these fast fashion stores (Forever 21, H&M, etc). While yes, you are buying a lot for seemingly a little. You are also probably buying at least one or two things that you do not need. I know I definitely have fallen into this trap.

Everything seems okay under the guise of cheap, but still be mindful of what you spend versus what you need. I am not perfect when it comes to doing this. Nowhere near it. Maybe if we acknowledge it though, we can all save a little money together? Think about it. If you are spending $100 in one shopping trip (no matter what you bought), did you really save that much money in the long run?

Do you fall into the cheap shopping trap?

xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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