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Marie Claire Denim for Days + Fall Denim Must Haves


Last night, I attended Marie Claire’s Denim for Days presentation at Bloomingdale’s. It was hosted by Brittany Korzerski (Marie Claire’s Market Editor) and Brooke Jaffe (Bloomingdale’s VP Fashion Director, Women’s Ready-to-Wear). I love summertime, but I cannot deny that this event got me super revved up for fall! There are so many hot trends to look forward to. The denim trends are especially exciting. The best thing about denim is that you do not need to wait until fall to wear it!

Check out some of the must have denim trends + where to buy them RIGHT NOW below!

A-Line Skirt

Urban Outtfitters | $59.00
Urban Outfitters | $59.00
The opportunities are endless with how you can wear an a-line denim skirt. My top pick— pair it was a long sleeve top and over the knee boots!

Pencil Skirt

Forever 21 $27.80
Forever 21 $27.80
The pencil skirt is the form fitting cousin of the a-line skirt. It is just as versatile, but does a little more for your figure. I would pair it with pointed pumps and a white button down top. Simple, classic, and chic!

 Military Inspired

H&M | $19.99
H&M | $19.99
 You need olive in your life and you need it bad! The military trend is HUGE this fall. You will see so much olive your head will spin. Try pairing pants like these with a chambray shirt and neutral booties. The perfect weekend or casual Friday look.

High-Waist Flare

Lulu*s | $45.50
Lulu*s | $45.50
This is not a drill. The flare is back and it is back in a big way. It’s been a while since they have been as big as they are now so if you are like me you probably do not have a pair still. I am kicking myself for donating my old pair(s)…though being honest they probably wouldn’t fit anyway (le sigh). Like any denim, flare jeans are pretty multifaceted. My only tip is to ALWAYS pair with a slight heel. Flare jeans can make even the tallest of girls look a bit dumpy.

What denim trend are YOU most excited about?

xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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