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Why a White Button Down is a Must Have Staple

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A staple is defined as “something having widespread and constant use or appeal” by the Merriam Webster Dictionary. In terms of fashion, a staple is a classic piece that essentially never goes out of style and is a constant need in your wardrobe. Think a leather jacket, a pencil skirt, and of course the always trending white button down.

The white button down tends to be one of the least appreciated MVPs in a woman’s wardrobe. There are so many ways to wear it without looking like you have repeated an outfit. It is the chameleon of women’s fashion.

Pair it with a skirt and you have the perfect office outfit. Pair it with jeans and you look casual with some flare. Add a statement necklace to dress it up or wear no jewelry at all for a minimalistic look. It is a blank canvas yet one of the most important pieces a woman can own. You should have one white button down many white button downs your wardrobe.

Here a few ways to make that white button down pop!

Click below to get the looks above!
Sweater | Shorts | A-Line Mini | Pencil Skirt | Jeans

How do YOU wear a white button down?

xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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    p.s. total must!

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