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Why I’m Quitting Shopping…Sort Of

How I am Cutting Back

There was a movie called Confessions of Shopaholic that came out a few years ago. When I saw it at first I said to myself,  “Geez, thank God I am nothing like that”. Fast forward to last month where my American Express bill was well let’s just say a VERY high number. I am starting to feel like hey maybe we are not so different.

As a style and fashion blogger being up-to-date on the latest trends is key to being someone whom your readers consider an expert. Does it really require me to shop once per week though?  I ask this because admittedly more often than not that is what I do. There are three reasons why I shop so often. My closet is a disaster most of the time, I do not do laundry as often as I should, and lastly I like LOVE new things.  The first two things are easily fixed, the latter is just an urge I need to fight.

The reality is that I have more clothes than anyone will every need. My closet is busting at its seams. Let me put it this way, if I donated half of my wardrobe I still could probably go at least a month without repeating an outfit. A month.

I doubt I am the only girl who can say that. If you love fashion, a love of shopping usually comes with it. I am sure a few of my readers will definitely relate on some level.

Photo: Touchstone Pictures
Photo: Touchstone Pictures

I always thought I was better than that character in that movie because I am not buying loads of designer items. A little Forever 21, H&M, and Zara never hurt anyone right? Well it hurts when you are going to a store like that and dropping $100 every time.

Generally I tend to live my life like the bill is never going to come. Unfortunately, I am not a Kardashian so this mentality does not match my income. So in the words of my irate father last week, I need to start living my life like I am poor. You were right Ray, I do! (He reads my blog, good papa right?)

The ironic thing is it is not like I grew up with parents who are spendthrifts. They are HUGE savers, so much so that when my father was out of work last year, they were able to live on one income for six months with very few adjustments to their lifestyle. Actually I have a lot of good examples in my life when it comes to spending. My sister saves like a crazy person. She was able to go on three trips this year. One was to Europe! The list could go on, but the point is that I willfully ignored their good habits and did not let it rub off on me.

To say I’m quitting shopping completely would be a lie. A bold faced lie at that. I am cutting back by about 90% though. So I have seven-pronged plan of attack for shopping less and all around getting my life/finances in order.

  1. Cash diet: At the start of each week I will go to the ATM and take out $120. That money goes towards all miscellaneous expenses after bills/rent (groceries, happy hour, shopping if need be, etc). There are of course weeks where I will need to spend more, but during  a normal week I will act as though all I have is $120 to my name. Any money that is leftover will go into my savings account. I started this already and it actually has proven to be quite effective. I am much more careful with my purchases.
  2. Targeted Shopping: IF I buy anything I have to be sure that I have not a single thing in my wardrobe that is similar. Every new thing I purchase must be unique. The fact that I only have $120 to last me each week will make this a little easier to do.
  3. Big Purchases (ONLY) Every Three Months: The occasional splurge is okay, but if that happens once per month it is happening too often. So I am limiting myself to one splurge every three months. So for example, if I buy boots tomorrow, the next time I can buy something big is December or January. Ideally I will have saved up for said splurge.
  4. Sell/Donate What I Do Not Wear Anymore: Even if I am shopping less, I still need to rotate my closet.  I live in an apartment. There is no reason (or space) to hold onto the past. I plan on dumping the clutter on a bi-weekly basis. Going to be testing out a few platforms to do this, but it is happening no matter. Any money made will go towards my savings/splurges.
  5. No More Credit Cards: In reality, I should be living my life within my means and credit cards should not be necessary. If I cannot afford to buy something right away. I shouldn’t be buying it in the first place. So while I will have my credit cards for emergencies, I will be functioning like I do not have any.
  6. Organize My Life: I need to really organize my closet. I need to seriously sort my makeup. This all needs to happen yesterday. Why? Having a clear view of what I have will give me a clear view of what I need.
  7. Shop My Closet: Once my closet is super organized, I am going to try to really work with what I have. I will limit my shopping to special events and fill in items.

I can FULLY admit that I have a habit of talking a big game. This is not my first resolution of getting a handle on my spending and finances. This is not the first time that my Amex bill has been outrageous. Actually it is like a cycle and I have this “AHA” moment at least 4 times per year (usually accompanying a high Amex bill), but something feels different. Maybe its because I am getting older. Maybe I am just sick and tired of making proclamations I do not follow through on. Whatever the case may be, a change is a comin’ and Lex is officially living like the broke fashionista that she is.

This is not a call to action to join me in my quest of frugality. I am simply sharing alittle something I need to work on! Will keep you all posted on how this whole plan goes!

Thanks for reading fashionistas

xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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