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Lex’s 4 Must Have Skincare Products 

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Every girl has products that they are obsessed with. Those steps in your skincare routine that you swear you can feel difference when they are skipped. My mother has about 20. I have four. What can I say? I’m a relatively simple girl when it comes to skincare!

Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash

Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash

As a beauty blogger you get a lot of free products. Full disclosure. That being said, it does not mean you love every single one. Sometimes you do love a product, but when it runs out you never take time to replace it. There are some products that become part of your routine. Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash is one of those products! I wear a lot of makeup. Contour, highlight, and heavy eyeliner/mascara is not for the faint of heart when it comes to cleansers. Purpose strips off all of my makeup (even waterproof mascara) with no trouble. It is soap free so my face is left feeling soft before I even apply a moisturizer.

Thayers® Rose Petal Witch Hazel

Thayers® Rose Petal Witch Hazel

This is something I grew up watching my mother use. It has the same effect as a toner except it does not dry your face out. Actually while removing residue your facewash leaves behind it redeposits moisture into your skin giving you a refreshing instant glow!

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

A little pricier than your average drugstore moisturizer, but totally worth the splurge. It falls somewhere between a gel and a cream and is super hydrating. My favorite thing is the fact that there is no greasy residue that most moisturizers leave behind.

Clinique Moisture All About Eyes Rich

Clinique Moisture All About Eyes Rich

I have puffy eyes and bought this cream for that. Ironically it doesn’t help too much in that department. Getting eight hours of sleep everyday probably would, but I digress. Even though the puff here to stay, this eye cream isn’t without merit. It really does add needed moisture to am areas that is prone to more dryness. After applying my eyes look brighter immediately. Also, it has a long term benefit. Due to the fact that I have dry skin, I am more prone to developing fine lines. Starting to use an eye cream in my 20’s can help prevent the lines from becoming too severe. This tiny cream does come at a hefty price, but it lasts forever!

What are YOUR must have skincare products?

xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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