The Half Up Top Knot: A Love/Hate Relationship

The Half UpTop Knot

I have a weird love/hate relationship with the half up top knot. Part of me thinks it is really cute and effortless. It looks like I took time to do an interesting hairstyle when in reality is pretty low maintenance. I wear clip-in extensions so the only tricky part is figuring out where to position the extensions. Other than that styling is a breeze.

The other part of me is painfully aware of how “trendy” this hairstyle is. You know those lists Buzzfeed does i.e.: 24 Styles From The 00’s You’ll Have To Explain To Your Kids. Eventually, we will look back at the fashions of the 2010’s and think seriously what were we thinking?! Eventually, a website like Buzzfeed will make a list, maybe it will be named “20 Styles from the 2010’s You Wish You Could Take Back”. Believe me, the man bun and half up top knot will be on that list.

Yet, I still wear my hair like this a couple times a month. Fully aware how trendy it is and that one day it will be on the fashion don’t list. So again I say, I have a love/hate relationship with half up top knot. What about you?

Would you (or do you) wear a half up top knot?

xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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