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3 Non-Basic Ways to Wear a Fur Vest

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When you think of basic, pumpkin spice lattes, yoga pants, Uggs, and an obsession with the new taco emoji and guacamole come to mind. Girls caption their Instagram photos, “How basic am I right now?! LOL” as their hold their Starbucks PSL over a pile of autumn leaves. We joke and fully acknowledge basic moments, BUT to truly be considered a basic b*tch is the insults of all insults. It means you lack originality and can be clumped with a bunch of other girls who too are considered basic. It’s okay to call yourself basic, but if you ever hear someone call you basic and mean it that’s just plain old offensive!

Now the fur vest started out with a super chic bang, but like all trends trickled down to affordable stores and into basic land. I mean how many girls have you seen in riding boots, a chunky sweater, a fur vest, dark blue skinny jeans, and a PSL in tow. They’re probably doing a fall activity like pumpkin picking or jumping in leaves while they laugh uncontrollably for that perfect “candid” shot. They’re also, unfortunately, just a wee bit basic. Le sigh.

The fur vest trend is stronger than ever. So honestly, if we can’t beat them, let’s join them.  We can be chic while we wear a one and do it pretty effortlessly.

Additional tip: Add a bold lip for drama.

Here are a few more vest to choose from!


How do YOU wear a fur vest?

xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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