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Ask Lex: Dressing Up Flats

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Reader: I love a pair of heels, but with my fast paced life they are sometimes not very practical. I always see cute flats, but never think they look stylish or dressy enough. Any tips on how to dress up a flat?

Admittedly, I am short girl who LOVES a good pair of flats. Loafers, ballet flats, etc. are my cup of tea. While there are outfits where heels are a must, there are certain looks that are absolutely adorable with a pair of flats. Basically, the moral of the story is, you’ve come to the right place.

Dressing up flats is all about the right styling. Flats can add a very cute flair when paired with the correct piece. The key is to never have that “commuter” look (when you look like you are only wearing flats until you change into heels at the office). There is a good chance that your pencil skirt and button down will look a little unflattering with flats, but a slim pair of pants with a blouse has a completely different look. A sheath dress may be dumpy, but a fit and flare with ballet flats is simply delightful. It does not matter what your height or size is, YOU can look great in a pair of flats!

Tips on wearing flats:

  • Think about proportions. This is a rule that applies to many things, but is especially important when it comes to wearing flats. Since you do not have the added benefit of height that heels give you, when you are wearing flats it is important to wear things that do not make you look dumpy. Try to avoid any skirts/dresses that hit below the knee or wide leg/flare pants. Flats are best paired with mini skirts/dresses, shorts, and slim cut pants. These items elongate your legs making heels unnecessary.
  • Invest in comfort. An uncomfortable pair of flats is a pointless pair of flats. If your flats nip at the back of your heels or pinch your toes it defeats the whole purpose of wearing them. Really take the time walk around your house in the them before your wear them outside, make sure they are super comfy. Buy insoles for the flats you wear often for extra comfort!
  • Make your flats a statement piece. Once you have your staple black pair, go for flats that are unique! Your flats should be just as eye catching as any pair of heels you might wear.
  • Choose the right outfit by doing the barefoot test. There are certain things that just look better with a pair of heels. A little black dress, a midi skirt, etc. The barefoot test is looking at yourself in the mirror when you are have no shoes on. If you feel like your outfit needs an extra punch, there is a good chance you will not like how it looks in flats. It seems silly, but try it. I bet you will rule out quite a few outfits this way!

Below I have put together looks that are the best flat/outfit combinations!

Here are more flats to choose from ($100 and under!)

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xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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