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When Childhood Trends Make A Comeback

2000's Make A Comeback

Growing up my mom would say, “I wore that (or those) in the eighties. I can’t do it again…”. I would give her the mandatory preteen or teen eye roll, sometimes adding a “Oh my Goddd” for good measure. I never saw her point. I was always thinking who cares if you wore it in the eighties?! It’s in now Jackie…

Flash forward to 2015 when tattoo chokers and denim mini skirts are making a strong comeback. I catch myself saying, “Ugh I wore those in the 2000s, I definitely can’t bring myself to do it again.” I am starting to see Jackie’s point. While memorable and iconic, the 2000’s were not a fashion decade to look back at with fond memories.


We wore tinted aviator sunglasses with a rhinestone star (or heart of course) and pastel velour tracksuits on a semi regular basis for any occasion. We cannot forget bandanas as tops paired with low-rise jeans that were guaranteed to show your Victoria’s Secret Pink thong! Speaking of Victoria’s Secret Pink, remember when for better or worse every girl was walking around with “PINK” stamped across their bottoms?

Also, do you remember when Jessica Simpson released those cowboy boots (that every girl wanted or bought) after she was in the remake of “Dukes of Hazzard”? Not knocking cowboy boots, but to me they are best reserved for a country music festival not a trip to the mall. We wore dresses over flared jeans. Ties were worn as belts that served zero purpose. Baggy cargo pants and crop tops were also a thing, if you recall. We crimped our hair and wore blue eyeshadow that was flattering on no one. When I think of the 2000’s I see no redeeming qualities.

rihanna-fringe-denim-skirt Carven : Runway - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2014

The fashion world on the other hand has a different opinion. From the celebrities like Rihanna embracing the decade to the trends making a splash on many fashion week runways. There is just no denying that the 2000’s trends are here to stay. So I could willfully ignore them or find a way to make them my own! I guess I will choose the latter.

How about you?


xoxo Lex Loves Couture


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