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3 All Black Combos That Never Fail


You can never go wrong with all black. All white can be off, neutrals such as tan or grey are hard to match, and bright colors can be tacky. Black though— black is always a safe bet. It is chic and effortless. Wearing all black is perfect go to for days when you are simply not feeling up to getting ready.

Yesterday was a prime example for me. I was tired and feeling a little bit lazy, but the all black outfit I pulled together had people asking me if I had plans later. Black tricks people and you should use that to your benefit.

There are three black pieces that are always winners when combined with another black item: leather jacket, turtleneck, and little black dress. A leather jacket adds an edge that is hard to beat. A turtleneck gives every outfit a classic twist. A little black dress is a staple that will never go out of style and will always look put together. You cannot fail when wearing one of these items with an all black outfit.

Here are all black looks including the never fail pieces!

Want to get one of the pieces mentioned above? Here are a few options!*

*All pictures have direct links ♥


How do YOU wear all black?

xoxo Lex Loves Couture


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