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Underprivileged Kids Teach Us The Real Meaning of Christmas

As people scramble to be a proverbial Santa for their loved ones. There are many in this country who will not have any gifts, a Christmas tree, or even a warm meal to eat. Many parents will save and scrounge to give their children the best gift(s) they can afford, but will most likely not have anything coming to them in return.

Yes, there is so much more to Christmas than presents, but it is easy to say that when you know there will be presents under the tree for you next Friday. It is not to say that we shouldn’t enjoy the gifts coming our way, but maybe we all (myself included) need a lesson in gratitude because for so many people it will not be like this next week.

The video below literally made me choke up because it was so powerful. These children who have essentially nothing had the gift of the dreams in front of them as well as a gift that a family member wanted. They were told they can only chose one. Their choice was beautiful.

Too beautiful not to share:

These children teach us all that is better to give than receive which to me at least is the meaning of Christmas. Merry Christmas Fashionistas!

xoxo Lex Loves Couture



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