5 Ways To Instantly Make Your Home Look More Expensive

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Photo: Pottery Barn Blog

We all want our homes to look like our “Dream Home” Pinterest board, but let’s be real— some of us are on a budget! The good thing is that we can always find the less expensive version of an item. Luckily for you, I can show you a few ways to make your home look more expensive instantly without going over budget!

Mirror Mirror on The Wall

Image1-Mirror Mirror
Photo: Better Homes & Gardens

Mirrors are a great way to add a little glam to your walls. A mirror can be a great focal point and it can help make the space feel bigger. I particularly love sunburst mirrors because it is a great shape to juxtapose against something rectilinear or square.

Target | $38.40


Beautifying the Floor

Image 2- Beautifying the Floor
Photo: Chairish Blog

Adding a rug to your space is important. It helps soften the area and it’s a good way to add a pop of pattern or color. Not only does a rug add style to your room it also helps provide a focal point in the area.

Safavieh Maison Textured Rug-Target
Target | $41.99

All In The Details

Photo: Pinterest

Details are the finishing touches to designing a home. It’s the extra-added glam. Details can speak volumes as it shows who you are. You can get a little bit more creative with adding details to your home. One way I like to add details to my space is by using a tray to organize and display different items. Some people like to add some type of hardcover fashion book, a candle, and a small vase with or without flowers.

Accent Please

Image4-Accent Please
Photo: Brit + Co

The great thing about this picture is that it has a little bit of everything that I’ve mentioned so far. Accents can be a great way to make your space feel lively; however, you don’t want to over do it. Pick one accent and stick to it. You can have an accent chair, pillows, etc. Whatever you decide to go with have some fun with it!

A Little Wall Fun

Photo: BlogLovin
Photo: BlogLovin’

If you’re the kind of person that changes their mind every 5 seconds, wall decals will be your best friend! I have had my fair share of wall decals over the past 4 years being that I have lived in dorms and apartments. The great thing about wall decals is that they’re super easy to apply and remove. Wall quotes take a little bit more time to apply, but the results are totally worth it!

This post was written by home contributor Ashley Danielle of Darling Be Chic

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