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Why Water Should Be Your Top Beauty Product

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I am one those weird people who likes the taste of water. I have never needed to force myself to drink it. Even though I like water, it does not mean that I am drinking nearly enough on a daily basis. I definitely get a consistent 3-4 cups per day, but that is only about half of what I should be drinking. Also, if soda or juice is an option I will always opt for those instead.

Water has so many amazing benefits health wise, but it is also the beauty elixir of the gods. Your hair, skin, and nails all benefit from drinking a lot of it. It may be time for us all to opt for that glass of water instead of the soda!

Glowing Skin

The Luxe Chronicals
The Luxe Chronicles

Water flushes out toxins which makes glowy skin an inevitable result.


A Women Park
A Women Park

While it cannot turn back the hands of time, water helps maintain skin’s elasticity and suppleness. So if you start now, you will see long term effects.

Helps Clear Up Acne

Teen Diaries
Teen Diaries

If you suffer from severe acne, drinking water may not be the cure to all of your problems, but it is a good jumping off point. As previously mentioned, water helps you flush out toxins which leads to clearer skin as result.

 Stronger Nails


If your nails are weak and/or breaking it is sign that you are not drinking enough water. When you drink more you will notice that your nails are growing longer and stronger.

Promotes Hair Growth

Casa + Company
Casa + Company

Water supports vitamin consumption and helps with healthy growth. Our hair strands consist of 1/4 water so drinking a lot of it will lead to shiny and luscious hair.

Amazon | $12.99
Amazon | $12.99

A good way to up your water intake is by buying a large reusable water bottle. Most nutritionists recommend at least 8 cups (64 oz.) per day. Try getting a 32 ounce bottle like the one pictured above. You will only need to fill that bottle up twice a day to get the recommended amount of water! If you are not a fan of plain water, try adding lemon, berries, or cucumber to your water to give it a bit of flavor.

Personally, I intend on only drinking water for the next 30 days to cleanse a bit. No soda or juice— wine only on special occasions ;). I also plan to drink the recommended 64 ounces of water each day. We can call it the #Lex64OzChallenge!

Will you take this challenge with me?



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