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5 Effortlessly Fab Work Uniforms for Winter

Work Uniforms

As soon as I saw that the entire week would be 30’s and below, my will to look nice for work essentially diminished. Seriously, what is the point of trying? I should be applauded that I even make it to the office because most days my warm and cozy bed seems like the more appealing option.

I can’t even lie, I wore a sweater, leggings, and riding boots on Monday. This is a look I reserve for the weekends and maybe a Friday. This is not my go to look for the start of week, but when I’m tired, grumpy, and cold my will to stay stylish kind of diminishes. There may be a way to combat the laziness that winter inflicts. A work uniform.

I told you all about that woman who wears the same outfit everyday. I’m not suggesting something quite as extreme as buying duplicates so that you can wear the exact same thing every day.  It’s more of a formula or guideline. These are combinations that never fail to impress and will have us all looking our very best. Let’s break out of this winter rut!

Turtleneck & Trousers14086

Whether it is a culotte, a wide leg, or a cigarette pant you can never go wrong with this combination. You could wear it in variations for an week straight and no would think a thing. See two examples above.

Dress & Over-The-Knee Boots4010

Over-the-knee boots add a little bit of edge to any dress. All you really need is one pair of boots to make those dresses in your closet pop!

Sweater & Button Down


This layered look is an instant classic. Pair with a skirt or a pair of trousers, it looks great both ways. You also have the added benefit of being extremely warm. Just sayin’

Blouse & Pencil Skirt76691

You can never go wrong with this look. It is not the most adventurous of choices, but it will look good every single time. When you are not feeling super creative, but still want to look good for work this should be your go to.

All Black86210

When all else fails, wear all black from head-to-toe. Any all black combination will look super chic and effortless. Don’t be surprised if you even get a compliment or two. Black just has that stylish effect so it is a good fall back for when you are feeling extra lazy.

What is your work uniform for the winter?


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