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Snowboots: Embracing The Necessary Evil

Learning to Love the Snow Boot

Snow days are an amazing excuse to catch up on the latest episodes of your favorite television show,  watch those classic movies you haven’t seen in a while, or give yourself a little at-home pampering. All in all it is great time to relax. Whether you want to or not, you just have to stay put.

When the storm is over and you do finally have to venture outside you are greeted by a winter mess. The snow starts melt which leads to a lovely combination of ice, slush, and puddles that are always deeper than you expected. Basically any shoes you wear will get ruined. Any shoes except for a pair of snow boots.

We can all agree that snow boots are not the prettiest of shoes. Unfortunately, until the streets/sidewalks are properly plowed/shoveled they are you best bet when you are walking outside. They are water resistant, have traction so you will not slip, and are usually extremely warm.

The harsh reality is that snow (even more so than rain) is the DEATH of your shoes. It ruins leather and demolishes suede. You have probably experienced its destruction so I am sure I do not need to elaborate. So, let’s all be smart and invest in some snow boots!



These are the snow shoes of all snow shoes. You can never go wrong with a pair like this. It is a bit more of an investment price wise, but you will have them for years to come. A good splurge!

Moon Boots

Madden Girl
Madden Girl

These puffy babies will keep you warm as can be and will prevent you from slipping on that patch of ice your rude neighbor decided not to put salt over.

Rain Boots


For those looking to get a bit more bang for their buck, you can never go wrong with a pair of rain boots. Typically they have good traction so they can handle the snow and will also be amazingly helpful when it rains. A tip for keeping those toes warm is getting a pair of fleece boot liners to line the shoes.

Let’s #SaveOurShoes this winter and invest in a pair of snow boots. You can always change into cute shoes when you get to the office!


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