Fashion Week

How I Prep For New York Fashion Week


Fashion Week is just around the corner. I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am! It is the one time in the winter when I gladly venture out into the cold with little to no complaint. It also features the upcoming trends for my favorite season. Fashion week in September is more enjoyable weather wise, but the fall/winter season is what really gives me a thrill. I am past my infancy with fashion week so there are few things I will be doing in the upcoming weeks to get ready for it.


Each season I get a invites from select designers to attend their shows. I like to RSVP yes to almost every invite I get to build an ongoing relationship. The remainder of my invites come via request. This is me reaching out personally to the designers to see if they will send a formal invite. Sometimes it’s a yes, sometimes it’s a no, but it never hurts to ask!


I actually prefer to keep my shopping to a minimum for Fashion Week. Typically my most photographed days are the ones where I wore something I already own. So this week I will organize and go through my closet to start pulling pieces for fashion week. I will of course buy a few supplemental items, but this season I am trying to keep it to buying accessories, staples, and maybe one statement piece.

I actually rarely plan my outfits for fashion week. Everyone has their own system, but for me I like to fly by the seat of my pants. As mentioned above, I will have pieces in mind, but I will not go through the process of planning an outfit for each day. I like to go with my mood just as I would if it were a regular day.

Beauty Prep

During fashion week you are essentially a walking look book, this is not only limited to fashion. Your beauty counts too. Prior to the big week, I like to get my skin in order. This means I will be doing a lot of facial masques, nixing my bad habit of sleeping in makeup, and drinking water like it’s my job. For makeup I will be stocking up on false lashes, bold lip colors, and any makeup I am running low on.

A day or two before fashion week begins, I’ll get a fresh haircut/blowout and get my nails done. I’m debating short fringe bangs to go with my bob, but we shall see! I’m also thinking about super long coffin nails just for the week…

Make a Schedule 

After I have a confirmed list of which shows I will be attending, I will make a schedule of where I’ll be heading each day. Last season I didn’t do this and I was like a chicken with my head cut off! Due to the fact that it is no longer in Lincoln Center things have gotten super spread out. You have to plan accordingly!


Cheers to what will hopefully be a successful and fun fashion week!


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