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Lex’s Guide to Valentine’s Day Dinner at Home

On a frigid cold day like this Valentine’s Day, staying in sounds very appealing! While a nice dinner out is the typical go to for couples on Valentine’s Day, a romantic night in can be just as great. It can even be a more intimate experience for the two of you. Restaurants will be filled to the brim with other couples. In this case, the less expensive option may be the better choice.  Here is a delicious recipe for two and a few table setting ideas that will give the all the ambiance of a five star restaurant.

♥ Recipe 

Pan Seared Filet Mignon

  • Preheat the oven to 400 degrees
  • Season both sides of your filet with the salt and pepper
  • In an oven safe pan or cast iron skillet, melt the butter and add the garlic
  • Make sure the pan is extremely hot
  • Add both filets to the pan and sear for 2 minutes on each side
  • Once both sides have been seared, put them in the oven for 6-8 minutes depending on how rare you like your steak
  • (If you have a meat thermometer, the internal temperature of the steak should be 135 degrees or higher)
  • Let the meat rest for 5 minutes before serving
  • Serve with homemade mashed potatoes and your favorite vegetable

♥ Table Setting 

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

This table setting for two is quite simple what really adds drama to the table setting is the sequins tablecloth. Bring out your best dinner plates, white napkins and silverware to set up your table. Add some candles, champagne and red roses and you have a simple romantic dinner table.

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

This table setting requires a little bit more work but the end result is beautiful.  You can pull some elements from this picture and make it your own. For example: Going with a black and white scheme with a pop of red would be great. Personally, I would do a white tablecloth with a black sequin runner, red chargers, white plates and a black napkin. I would also add red roses and red candles.

Valentines Day- Table 3
Photo: Pinterest

This table setting is a little bit different from your usual Valentine’s Day colors. What I like about it is that simplicity goes a long way. This is also easy to recreate. You can use some old wine bottles and smaller glass bottles to play around with the height of the flowers.  A main center flower is great a shown above because it brings everything together and it’s a focal point. Simple and cute goes a long way.

Happy Valentine’s Day fashionistas! 

This was a collaborative post by Alexa Alfonso, cooking contributor Alex Luyster, and home contributor Ashley Danielle


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