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Why You Should Stop Shopping Until Spring

Why You Shouldn't Shop Until Spring

Shopping is a pointless venture at this point. The winter sales have come to an end. The floors are filled with spring items that you cannot wear yet. We are about a month away from it officially being spring, but in reality we are probably about two months away from it actually being warm.

Hopefully this prediction is wrong, but if this season has taught us anything it is to not get our hopes up! We have had weeks that start in the high 60’s and end in the 20’s. There no way of knowing if we will have a consistently warm spring.

For now, it is best to stick with your current wardrobe. You may be over it. You may be itching to have something new to wear, but fight the urge. Whatever is in the stores now will either not be put into use until the spring or you already have something like it. Here is how to avoid that shopping temptation…

Organize Your Closet/Dresser Drawers

Organize Closet

If your closet is already pretty organized you’re off to a good start, but you can go deeper. A clean closet doesn’t necessarily mean an organized one. Whatever order works best for you, come up with a system that is neat and easy to maintain. It is good to start with categories (shirts, blazers, work dresses, going out dresses, etc.) then move on to color coding. For your drawers color coding is especially important. It will make finding things super easy. You will never have the “I have nothing to wear” feeling again.

Keep Up With Doing Laundry


For most women, there is a direct correlation with me shopping and my hamper overflowing. When you let laundry pile up, you lose sight of what your already own. Doing your laundry regularly will decrease your urge to shop because your closet will always be fully stocked.

Remix Your Wardrobe.

Remix Your Wardobe

Pretty much everything you own can be remixed at least 10 different ways. Everything is interchangeable. While some items may be more memorable than others, most items can be worn two weeks in a row without anyone noticing. It is totally okay to be a repeat offender if you are doing it correctly. The key is to take mental note of how you wore it the last time so that you remember to style it differently the next.

Purge Clothing.

Purge Clothes

It might seem crazy to tell you to stop shopping and to get rid of clothes at the same time. You definitely have things that you do not wear and have no intention of ever wearing again. Just get rid of it. All the unnecessary items are blocking you from seeing the good wardrobe.

There’s nothing in the stores for you now. You either have something like it already or will need to wait until spring (when it’s warm) to wear it. There is no denying that there is something nice about having something new to wear, but that is all you are really getting out of the deal— a feeling. Wait until the weather warms up to shop, you already have everything that you need.

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Will YOU stop shopping until spring?





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