Say Goodbye to Dark Circles With This Concealer

No More Dark Cirles

I have always had puffy eyes. While I cannot claim this as a fact, I strongly believe that years of heavy drinking in college caused me to develop dark circles to go along with the puffiness. I can decrease the puffy eyes with serums, creams, and a good night’s rest, but unfortunately I can never get rid of them entirely. My dark circles on the other hand can be fixed with concealer.

Regular concealer works pretty well, but during one of my Sephora adventures I stumbled upon a color correcting concealer that makes a world of difference on the dark circle front. Concealers that color correct combat the blue tones.

Sephora | $27

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Concealer is amazing! It has a peachy tone that essentially erases dark circles. You see the effect instantly.

For best results, Makeup Forever recommends that you use the color corrector then a regular concealer over it. I have found that using the color corrector alone works for me. On days that I need more coverage I will dab on a little concealer.

Your eyes will instantly be brighter and it lasts all day! If you had a long night or did not get enough sleep, this concealer is the perfect way to camouflage those tired eyes. There are plenty of color correcting options out there, but Makeup Forever Ultra HD Concealer is the simplest option.

Will YOU try color correcting?



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3 Comments on Say Goodbye to Dark Circles With This Concealer

  1. Thanks for sharing, I need to try this product.

  2. I loveeeee color correcting under eyes! I have the Make up for ever full coverage concealer, I want to try this one too! I also love their brushes, so fab.

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