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8 Beauty Apps Every Girl Should Have


According to a 2015 Gallup poll, 71 percent of smartphone users look at their phone on an hourly basis. Within that number 41 percent looked at their phone a few times an hour and 11 percent check their phone every few minutes. There is no denying that we are all addicted to our phones. Between social media, texts, and emails we literally always have a reason to have our phone in our hand. Why not throw some beauty apps into the mix?

They say there is an app for everything and beauty is no exception. There are apps that you don’t know how you lived without and some that you didn’t even know that you needed! All of your beauty needs are a visit to the app store away.

Stash Beauty

Stash Beauty App

Do you ever notice that you always run out of everything at once? You can never run to Sephora or the drugstore and buy just one thing. The Stash Beauty app keeps track of all of your beauty products in your medicine cabinet and makeup bag and lets you know when you are running low and need to replace them. It even sends you alerts when your favorite products are going on sale!

Glam Squad

Glam Squad AppLove them or hate them, we can all agree that it would be nice to live like the Kardashians for a day. Not for their wealth (though that would be nice too), but to have someone come directly to our house to do our hair and makeup for a special occasion would be amazing. But wait, thanks to the Glamsquad app that’s a total possibility! You can have a get updos, braids, blowouts, makeup, manicures and pedicures done all from the comfort of your own home.

Currently only available in NYC, Miami, and Los Angeles, but they are working towards bringing it to other cities!

Beauty Now

BeautyNow App

New to your area and need to find a nail salon? Did you hairstylist go crazy and give you a pixie when you wanted a bob so you need a new stylist? BeautyNow is your way to book beauty appointments instantly! It offers appointments for everything from hair to botox. The app even offers services for men. It’s is basically like OpenTable for beauty services!

Think Dirty

Think Dirty App

Ever read the ingredients on your beauty products and not know what they are? If you answered yes, then you are like most people so there’s nothing wrong with that! Many of the beauty products we use could have long term harmful effects including, but not limited to breast cancer. That’s not scare you, it’s the truth. The founder of Think Dirty wanted to give us a tool to know exactly what we’re putting on our bodies. Through a rating scale the app tells you the potential risks of the beauty products that you use. There’s no denying it will be scary to to know the truth, but it could save your life in the future!

L’Oreal Makeup Genius

L'Oreal Makeup Genius App

Try all of the hottest beauty trends just by looking at your front facing camera. L’Oreal Makeup Genius uses advanced facial mapping technology to show how various makeup look like on you in real-time.


Lifebooker App

Available as a desktop website or an app, Lifebooker has been dubbed the Groupon of beauty. Book appointments at a discounted rate for everything from manicures to injectables.



Okay so this is technically not a beauty app, but it is treasure trove of beauty advise. You can find the answer to almost any beauty question on the app. How to do the perfect blowout, smokey eye, or manicure—it’s all there. New content is uploaded daily so there is always some new beauty tips to discover! If you aren’t utilizing YouTube you’re doing it wrong.

How’s Your Hair

Hows Your Hair

There isn’t an app available for this website yet, but it had to be included. How’s Your Hair not only gives you a weather forecast, but lets you know how it will effect your hair.  This is must for curly girls or girls who are simply prone to frizz in general.

Will YOU be trying any of these beauty apps?


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