Style Spotlight

Style Spotlight: Michelle Lee


Current City: Chicago, IL
Age: 36
How would you describe your personal style?
I’d say it’s casual funk


Where are your favorite places to shop?
Forever 21, H&M,, Target and I’m plus size, so my options are kind of limited.  But these places usually have a great selection for me and my taste.


What is your process of putting an outfit together?
I usually just grab a top and work my way down. I’ll decide if it’s better with jeans, a skirt or leggings. My shoes are always based on what I’m doing that day. I have 3 kids and sometimes have to do a lot of running around. I’m not wearing heels on those days.
Who are your biggest style icons and where do you draw inspiration from?
I don’t really have any style icons. Being bigger, it’s hard to find celebrities whose style I can emulate. But lately I’ve found a lot of inspiration from Instagram because there are plenty of girls just like me who love fashion but have to be their own icons.


Why do you love fashion?
I’ve always loved dressing up. My mom is super stylish and a bit of a shopaholic, so growing up I always had a ton of clothes and was dressed really nicely. I love looking put-together and having fun with my clothes. It makes me feel good to be wearing something cute! It’s just been ingrained in me since I was small.
Follow Michelle’s fashion adventures on her blog The Glam Mom and on Instagram!

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